Politics of planning

Political engagement

Political engagement is at the heart of successful development.

Curtin&Co devises bespoke campaigns for each project to provide the greatest chance of success.

Curtin&Co works across the political spectrum to inform and mediate discussions to enable genuine engagement. From Parliament and Whitehall, through all layers of the democratic system, including parish councils and community organisations, Curtin&Co has a breadth of specialist expertise.

The result is an enhanced reputation, a sense of ownership of the project amongst decision-makers and, ultimately, successful projects.

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A proven methodology

Politics is not just an art; it’s a science. We use a proven methodology that has won successful planning consents for over 20 years.

1 - Understand the community and identify the key players. Not just from the Internet, but in-depth research.

2 - Get to know them; not just know of them. Meet them and listen to them.

3 - Identify supporters amongst the decision-makers and those who influence them and begin to mobilise. Find out what they want and make it their project, as well as yours.

4 - Broaden the consultation to engage the wider community in the process. Be innovative: not just a few exhibition boards in a draughty hall.

5 - Proactively engage with media. Consistently monitor and engage with new and traditional media.

6 - Maintain momentum. Stay in touch and continue to listen and truly involve the community and its representatives.