The Wheels On The Bus



The wheels on the bus


Whenever we work on a new housing development one of the big issues is transport – there is always, “too much traffic”.

What people say is: “we want more public transport and cycle lanes” (Although I nearly had a heart attack the other day when I saw a cyclist actually using one of Reading’s cycle lanes).

The only problem is that, outside of London and other major cities, hardly anyone uses public transport.

b1d1b27f-56b7-40e3-9f94-9f0f51329798Our offices are on Oxford Street which has one of the highest levels of air pollution in Europe. The street is closed to private traffic most of the time so only busses and taxis can use it.

Since the busses are bigger beasts than the cabs, they must be causing most the pollution. So I’ve conducted my own little anecdotal study of the red monsters and found that they were nearly all either empty or near empty.

Now any sensible business will look at the demand for its products before launching them. Well, the occupancy rates in for Oxford Street’s busses is at best 10% to 20% according to my survey.

So they must be grossly uneconomical with huge amounts of subsidies (I.e. Your hard-earned dosh) propping up this pointless service.

London’s Mayor Mr Khan says he wants to pedestrianise Oxford Street but where will all the busses go.

The surrounding streets are jammed as well.

So what do we replace them with. Let’s think outside the box a bit – how about a travelator with hop on and hop off points. Or a tram. Or a shuttle service.

So come on Sadiq if anyone can, you Khan.


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