60 Second Bulletin: Living in a shoe




When she was younger, there was nothing my daughter loved more than playing with dolls’ houses. Hours would be spent carefully arranging the furniture to get it just right for Ken and Barbie.

Who would have thought that all these years later the Barbie Dream Flat would be the answer to the London housing crisis?

This week, regeneration specialists U+i introduced plans to develop “microflats” in multiple locations across Central London.

Their aim is tackling the problem of middle-income workers being exiled to the peripheries of London by unaffordable housing.


These flats reportedly have only 19-24 sq m of floor space, significantly lower than Greater London Authority’s recommended 37 sq m.

There is now such a trend towards “compact living”, John Lewis is working on a new range of furniture for small flats – (presumably a shower that doubles as a washing machine…)

Once upon a time miniature housing was meant for Little Old Ladies whom lived in shoes. Now it is considered prime London real estate and the answer to the housing crisis.

If only my daughter had kept hold of her dolls’ houses, we’d be Multi-millionaires.

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This week Curtin&Co was part of the team that helped Forelle Estates secure delegated consent for a new filling station in Frome, Somerset. As part of our consultation Curtin&Co helped to secure over 150 letters of support from members of the public.

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