I wanna hold your hand



I wanna hold your hand


As every young teenager knows, on a first date there comes a time when someone has to make a lunge and reach for the other’s hand.

35b95f9c-7573-47b7-9f1a-186d7b9ad658his is a moment of trepidation for young men: will they catch her by the wrist? Or even the elbow? Even worse is when the advance is totally rejected. (By the way, all of the above also applies LGBTQ people as well.) Also, I accept in these promiscuous days, this hand-holding step is often skipped altogether and people get straight down to business.

Now a man who should have some experience of this is Donald Trump, who seems to have grabbed many a lady by the hand but also had aspirations on other parts of their anatomy as well.

Well, at the moment Don’s strike rate is pretty low. First, there was that awkward march down the aisle with Mrs May.

Then we had the ‘no handshake Mrs Merkel’ 

But worst of all was the brush off with the Pope, a man who has softened the Catholic Church’s views on homosexuality

I think it’s back to the school prom for Don.

Have a good weekend.


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