60 Seconds: fake news



60 Seconds: fake news


It makes a good headline: ‘Greedy developers are hoarding land with planning permission’. Everyone from Sajid Javid to Shelter have made the accusation.

The latest to jump on the bandwagon is the Local Government Association which claims there is more than 400,000 plots with planning permission which remain un-built. They are probably right.

So with one swoop, those greedy developers could solve the housing crisis overnight. But that’s only half the story.

A really nice piece or research commissioned by Barratt shows that on average it takes 1.7 years to complete the post-application phase after permission is granted. And this goes to 3.2 years for sites of 150 homes or more.

Philip Barnes, Barratt’s Group Land and Planning Director, says: “Pre-commencement conditions, Section 106 agreements, and a lack of planning department resources are the primary causes of the delay.”

The research commissioned by Phillip Barnes can be found at this link: https://cweconomics.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/CWEconomicsReport_Land_Banking.pdf

And where do these figures used in the report come from? Ironically…it’s the LGA. It’s all very well slagging off housebuilders and getting a quick headline but what can be really done to solve this ‘crisis’?

There are a couple of radical options.

One is to allocate a fixed sum of money to ‘sponsor’ an officer to see the application through the various conditions. This person would be available for fixed times and be given a fixed deadline – agreed with the Council – to get the details sorted out. Most housebuilders would happily cough up.

The second is for the DCLG (or whatever the acronym is now) to give councils targets on how long they can take on an application. Funding could then be withdrawn from any miscreants.

Whatever the answer, public disparaging of the people who can solve the housing crisis is not helpful.

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