Innovation in Consultation

Our wide menu of consultation products

Door-to door canvassing

People are busy and can find it difficult to attend exhibitions and meetings. Large or busy public events don’t appeal to everyone and don’t always allow for longer conversations, and so we bring the plans to the doorstep to seek feedback, answer questions and concerns and generate support. We use iPads to explain the proposals and record feedback, alongside paper questionnaires and surveys.

Support on planning portal

Officers and Councillors are influenced by the comments on the planning portal, however often all they see are objectors. We find people to support your development and by using iPads, encourage them to register their support directly on the planning portal.

Finding supporters

Opponents will find you, but how about finding supporters? For young people, housing is a key issue and they are often supportive. We help them register this support.


Eye-catching publicity materials will get residents’ attention. We use professional graphic designers to produce high-quality publications that don’t get junked.

Stakeholder round tables

We manage these with you. We have significant experience in chairing/facilitating successful engagement sessions, ensuring that we capture as broad a range of views as possible to help you with your proposals.

Interactive websites

Websites can form an important part of the consultation process. Increasingly, people are getting their information from the internet, and we will design the website you need for your scheme. Our websites also allow residents to feedback directly.


Media coverage can really help to raise awareness and support for a proposed development. We build relationships with journalists and bloggers. We also monitor social and traditional media to make sure you are not wrong-footed. We help foster an environment where people can speak up positively.

Social media

It is fast-paced and can lead to misinformation being spread, however the discussion can be guided and a wider, more supportive audience can have their say. We can identify supporters and encourage them to spread key messages on social media. It’s crucial to monitor social media and be ready to respond to misinformation.


We believe that the more traditional method of public engagement still has a role to play and can allow local people a chance to discuss proposals as part of a group. We offer a full-service exhibition package from a drop-in session to a fully interactive computerised road-show. All of our materials are accessible, and we offer a bespoke service for schemes as requested.

Statements of Community Involvement

All of your engagement with the community collated into a simple, easy-to-understand SCI.


An easy and simple way for residents to register their support. Signing a petition is often the first step in people’s engagement journey – they might later post on social media, submit a supportive comment to the planning portal or even speak at the planning committee.

Community workshops

Over one, two or three days, these workshops allow the community to be fully engaged at the micro-level and help design the development. For these we work closely with the client and the technical team.