Future of London conference morning

The campaign for next year’s London Mayoral election is hotting up. Just a few months ago, if you asked anyone in the know, they would have said Sadiq Khan will romp home with a massive majority. Fast forward to today and things look less certain for Khan and the Labour Party in London. The Liberal Democrats are on the up after hugely successful European elections in London, and Labour and the Conservatives are in a bind on how to deal with Brexit that appeals nationally without alienating voters in a predominantly Remain city.
All of this makes for an exciting set of elections. Come and hear from the Mayoral candidates for the Conservatives, Shaun Bailey; and the Liberal Democrats, Siobhan Benita; along with the Deputy Mayor for Housing, James Murray, as they talk about their plans for London. Housing and planning are huge issues for all Londoners across all political opinions: How will the policies of these three big political parties affect your business and what do you want to say to them?
Topics that will be covered include:

  • How should the Mayor deal with Councils that are not hitting their housing target?
  • How would rent controls impact on the build to rent sector?
  • What will all the candidates do increase the number of affordable homes built?
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Shaun Bailey, Conservative candidate for the 2020 mayoral election
Shaun is the Conservative Party’s candidate for London Mayor and will be challenging Sadiq Khan for the majority. A former youth worker, addressing issues such as anti-social behaviour, Shaun became an Assembly Member in 2016 and previously served as Special Adviser to David Cameron. With housing as one of the big issues for the Capital, it will be interesting to hear what he has planned for the industry.


Siobhan Benita, Liberal Democrat candidate for the 2020 mayoral election
Siobhan is the Siobhan is the Liberal Democrat’s candidate for London Mayor. As a former Civil Servant, she worked in many Government Departments, including Transport, Environment and Local Government. Working in key departments, she will appreciate the importance of infrastructure and housing to the growth of the Capital.


James Murray, Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development
James was appointed as Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development in 2016 and has held the post for the entire time that Sadiq Khan has been Mayor.  James has made increasing the supply of affordable housing in London his top priority. Prior to his time as Deputy Mayor, he was Cabinet member for Housing at Islington Council. James will be a key player in shaping Labour’s Housing policy in London and will be able to tell us what is planned for London’s future.


Future of London conference morning
With guest speakers Shaun Bailey, Conservative candidate for the 2020 mayoral election and Siobhan Benita, Liberal Democrat candidate for the 2020 mayoral election
Date: Wednesday 23rd October
Venue: Four Seasons Park Lane Hotel, London
Time: 8am – 11am (with talks beginning at 8:30am)

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