60 Seconds… Until doomsday



60 Seconds… Until doomsday


Lately I’ve been thinking – what with Trump going head to head with Kim Jong-un, and the UK going head to head with Russia – perhaps I should start taking precautions for a nuclear stand-off?

Surely the thought has crossed your mind recently…It might seem ridiculous at first but…is it? Our future existence depends on the negotiating skills on four fairly strong characters.

At the height of the Cold War, in Ireland, the authorities send a booklet to everyone in the land on what to in the event of nuclear holocaust. Helpful advice included:

– go under the stairs;
– keep your radio on;
– store lots of tinned food, and most helpfully: ‘turn your back to the flash’.

As I was pondering how one best prepares for nuclear obliteration in the 21st Century, I suddenly remembered the “mega-basement”.

bb830d96-3bf6-4da3-b922-4c81eb06290aIt’s safe to say that building a mega-basement is not a straightforward (or cheap) precaution. Nevertheless, I wonder whether current events could spark a new trend, but this time, with a depressing twist.

Instead of trying to build basements filled with swimming pools, gyms, cinemas and any other bog-standard home improvements, perhaps our elite might decide to build their very own nuclear bunker.

Now before I go any further, I would like to declare that this article is purely hypothetical, and that I am not going completely mad unlike some of the aforementioned characters.

Of course, it would take too long to build one of these basements given how tedious it has become to secure planning permission.

You might remember the handful of celebrities who attempted to build downwards (Ricky Gervais, Jude Law, Brian May etc.). Most failed to gain consent or at least hacked off their neighbours and the surrounding community with the added noise, dust and subsidence.

Perhaps if mega-basements do take off again – imminent nuclear Armageddon or no nuclear Armageddon – there is an opportunity for some new-age community engagement for my hard-working consultants at Curtin&Co!

If anyone is thinking of making such renovations – you know where to find us. Hopefully there will be no need.

Boom. Boom.

Have a great weekend.


This week at Curtin&Co

This week we were delighted to be part of the project team that secured detailed planning consent for a mixed scheme on White Hart Lane, Haringey, on behalf of Fairview New Homes. The development will bring forward 144 homes, with residential and employment space. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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