60 Seconds: The Tinder trap



60 Seconds: The Tinder trap


As well as working in the industry, I’m sure most of us have had the unpleasant experience of selling a home.

One of the latest pieces of guidance that estate agents have issued to sellers is to market your house like you market yourself on the dating app “Tinder”.

Like everyone, my personal experience with online dating is non-existent but friends tell me it is very effective.

Anyway, it struck me as odd, drawing parallels from online dating and selling a home. But there does seem to be some truth behind it.

A profile on Rightmove is very similar to an online dating profile, in that the photos do most of the talking.

If you want to be successful at either, you carefully select photos that are most flattering, and emphasise your best features.

In some circumstances, photos can over-emphasise your attractiveness. A younger colleague told me that this has a specific name. It’s called “catfishing”. Whilst catfishing is usually associated with dating, and people who lie about their appearance to the point of deceiving someone – it could also be applied to selling a home.

Let’s face it – we’ve all been catfished by a property before. The online photos make the rooms look brighter, the garden look bigger, and doesn’t tell you the property is next to a kebab shop.

2a5906b8-78d0-4b24-87d5-b6cc0e553632As with online dating, photos are often the first thing buyers see and make a judgement from. With Tinder, Bumble or Grindr (where do they come up with these names?), photos are accompanied by online chatter – similar to an estate agents’ blurb.

Of course, photos lure us in, but then you start to read “hardwood floors”, “wine cooler” or “Belfast sink” and suddenly you’re hooked. It’s enough for a first viewing. In reality, all you might find are “dodgy floorboards”, an “outdoor shed” and “antiquated plumbing”.

But anyway.

Once you’ve bagged a first viewing (or first date) much of the hard work is over – unless you’re a catfish obviously. Nevertheless, there are still certain considerations you must take to improve your chances of success.

You’d never go on a first date without a good wash and a few shots of your favourite perfume or aftershave – so why host a first viewing without a thorough tidy-up and deep clean beforehand? The old dodges of freshly baked break and brewed coffee still work.

Right now,  I’m considering retiring from the industry tomorrow and becoming a love guru.

Have a great weekend.


PS. I’m also checking my Facebook profile.

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Jo Allen
Chief Executive, Frogmore

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