60 Seconds: The end of May



60 Seconds: The end of May


It could be the ultimate ‘get out of jail’ card for Mrs May.  I know you’re bored to death with Brexit but stay with me on this one.

Mrs May is in the terrible position of being willing to wound but afraid to strike. Her question is: how do you want to lose?

But as one of the UK’s greatest Prime Ministers, Harold Macmillan, said when asked what went wrong in politics: ‘events, dear boy, events.’

So back to Mrs May and the Monopoly card. What if there was no Europe to exit from? And the way things are going this is not an unlikely prospect.

Who will be first to head for the Departure Lounge? A few years ago, I got 4/1 on Germany. ‘You’re mad,’ I hear you say but when you’ve stopped stating the obvious, think about it.

961f061f-15a2-4bc2-a06f-1ccd0d6e26d3Why might you ask – as surely our Teutonic cousins have the most to lose from this?

Yes, but they have even more to lose from Europe which has grown too big and could lose its usefulness.

Italy is in disarray and they can’t even elect a Prime Minister despite the two main parties – the Right Wing League and the left-leaning Five Star movement having a majority in both houses. The unelected President doesn’t like the cut of the Eurosceptic 81 year-old (hope for me yet) Finance Minister the coalition has selected, so he kaputed the whole thing.

Forget this stupid democracy stuff.

The octogenarian is now to be EU Minister. Don’t ask me, this is Italy. How long will this highly fragile coalition last? I’m not rushing down to Ladbrokes.

Spain is heading for a vote of no confidence in its socialist prime minister because he has jacked in all this left-wing stuff and now lives in a fine villa outside Madrid.

From the original six in the Common Market, there are now 27 countries in the club. And some of the newbies from the East are more than disenchanted with the whole thing.

I won’t even talk about Greece.

But Italy and Spain are not our Hellenic friends.

So when Mrs Merkel looks at this mess, I could see her drawing on the words of that great Irishman, Jack Charlton: get your retaliation in first.

And this is the answer to Mrs May’s prayers. Off she goes boarding pass in hand.  We can’t leave something that doesn’t exist.

QED as we used to say in maths class.

Have a great weekend.


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