60 Seconds: Oh Jeremy Corbyn!




We were delighted to have Katie Perrior as our guest speaker at our annual House of Lords bash on Tuesday. As you all know, or should know, she was Mrs May’s Director of Communications until April when she wisely decided to resign.

Among the many insights she gave us was that of life at Number 10 and particularly on housing and the ‘ongoing crisis’.

When I landed in Liverpool in 1974 in a battered Ford Escort, with a wife and a beautiful daughter, it was everything I had in the world. I had a job in London but nowhere to live. (This is pre Airbnb days). But my kind cousin Mary put me up and I eventually found a place to rent.

Now this wasn’t easy as there were rent controls in place which meant I could go to a tribunal and have my rent halved.

Naturally this led to a large number of landlords taking their properties off the market and a dearth of privately rented properties. I didn’t go to the tribunal as the flat was owned by a friend of a friend.

My salary was £2,500 – about £23,000 in today’s money and my wife did not work.

8229ac1e-d0fc-4051-be39-aa63fa98fb1dAfter three or so years my salary had risen to £4,000 – not much of a rise really as we had 30 per cent inflation and a pay freeze thanks to that great socialist Jim Callaghan.

These were rough times – the IMF were trying to save the economy, the telly was on at 10.30 (which for a young couple was a sort of blessing), everyone was on strike.

And that is what ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ is offering us again.

And people are buying it. But why? Because nobody remembers the 70s (anyone who remembered the 60s definitely missed the party).

By 1977 I was on a salary of £4,000 and I decided it was time to try and own a property. So I went off to the building society and met the manager (the sort of chap who wore a bowler hat).

“How do I stand for a mortgage,” I asked.

“Mr Curtin,” he said “you don’t stand, you kneel. What you need is to save with us for a year and build up a 10 percent deposit. Then we will consider a mortgage for you.”

So for a year we scrimped and saved – I didn’t have one take-away meal in that year and discovered more than 50 recipes for minced meat.

And the building society was true to its word – a year later I was offered me a 90 per cent mortgage on a lovely two bedroom maisonette with a nice back garden in Harrow. All at the outrageous price of £9,950.

But just before I exchanged, I was offered a dream job in Dublin, so I walked away.

Two questions for you:

1. How much is it worth now? I daren’t think

2. Could you envisage the same scenario today?

So when young people sing: “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” you can understand why.

He is offering that most precious of gifts: hope.

And in the 1970s – despite the economic disaster- there was hope not fear

Have a good weekend,


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