60 Seconds: Leader of the Non-opposition



60 Seconds: Leader of the Non-opposition 


Typically, the Leader of the Opposition’s role is to oppose Government policy –  clue’s in the name.

I’d have thought Corbyn would have found this easy, with his track record of not only opposing Conservative Government policy, but the policy of his own party almost as frequently.

However, of late, it seems he can’t stop agreeing with the Prime Minister. He agrees on hard Brexit, he agrees we need a transition deal (only a madman wouldn’t), and now it seems he shares May’s stance on the green belt.

paradiseAlthough rumours have circulated about Hammond’s plans to relax the restrictions on green belt release in the upcoming Budget, the PM is known to dislike the idea.

Speaking to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) last week, JC mirrored May’s view, explaining he is ‘sceptical about building on green belt’. He said:

I feel very strongly about the principle of the green belt, because if you take away this cordon of green space and cleaner air around big cities, I think you have the danger of massive ribbon development.

…Or cutting down and building over his magic money tree.

Instead, it has been suggested that May supports Javid’s beg to borrow £50bn for a big housebuilding programme. No doubt JC would agree with May on this too – he’s always up for borrowing money.

Perhaps May should consider JC in her next Cabinet reshuffle? They’re more in agreement than May and most her front bench… or what’s left of it.

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