60 Seconds: Ho ho homes!


60 Seconds: Ho ho homes!


“On the fourth day of Christmas, the councils gave to us…four planning consents!”

Christmas came early on Wednesday as Curtin&Co was part of four different project teams which gained consent for projects across London.

Consent number 1  
A large build-to-rent scheme in Sutton.

Consent number 2
29 units on behalf of Londonewcastle, to regenerate a longstanding derelict site on Rye Lane in Peckham. The unanimous approval means we maintain our 100% success rate in Southwark.

Director at Londonewcastle, James Shindler said: “Thanks to you… for all your hard work – that’s 2 out of 2 on the Curtin/Londonewcastle success rate (with hopefully many more to come)”.

Consent number 3 
The regeneration of a former Nestle factory in Hillingdon on behalf of Barratt London and Segro. The scheme will bring forward 1,381 new homes, employment opportunities and community space.

And last but certainly not least…

Consent number 4
The development of new campus buildings at University College of Football Business by Wembley Stadium. Red Vale’s scheme will bring forward much needed student accommodation, study space and admin space to support the expansion of the University. Back of the net!

Ho-ho-homesSo was it Christmas spirit or is there more behind this handsome haul?

Perhaps the tide is turning. At Curtin&Co we have always argued that a if communities and decision-makers feel that they have been given ownership of the process and able to genuinely input into the proposals, they will support them.

Legislation may not yet have found a way to cut all of the red tape, but the London Plan is coming, Oxfordshire has a Housing and Growth Deal, Greater Manchester wants one and the Government has increased the housebuilding target from 250,000 per year to 300,000.  Turkeys won’t vote for Christmas and politicians won’t vote for anything which will lose them votes so perhaps the message is getting through now: if we are a nation which aspires home ownership then we need to build the homes (and social infrastructure around them) to meet the demand.  The Treasury may just thank you too.

It may only be the first spade in the ground, but at least there are four more of them this week.

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