60 Seconds: Corbyn vs. Housing



60 Seconds: Corbyn vs. Housing


Oh to see the world through the eyes of a politician! Everything would be so simple, if only everyone else would see things the same way.

Since returning from their hols, HM’s government and opposition have been busy telling us everything will be fine, from Brexit to Boeing. And now, Jeremy Corbyn has assured us that the housing crisis will be solved simply by returning power from the greedy few to the poor oppressed many (his magic cure for everything).

Making regeneration of estates subject to a tenant’s plebiscite or forcing developers to build or be taxed on land (even without planning permission Jez?) will slay the capitalist scourge which, according to Mr Corbyn, is the cause of all our housing woes.

uberNow I’m not going to get into a tirade about the rights and wrongs of socialism (I, after all, was brought up in a good Labour household) but I would urge JC to consider the law of unintended consequences.

Earlier this year, all us Proles rejoiced at the news that tax relief was being removed for buy-to-let landlords. Both sides of the House agreed that good honest folk should not have to support fat cat property speculators. However, since this took effect, the number of rental properties in Central London has fallen by 17% as landlords jettison costly properties, according to research by Hamptons International.

By coincidence (maybe), this has coincided with a steep increase in rents in Central London, forcing ever more young professionals out to the fringes of the Capital, where they can sit on those ram-packed, privately operated trains Mr Corbyn famously lambasts.

Sometimes targeting the few can come back to bite the many.
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