60 Seconds: A first-world problem


60 Seconds: A first-world problem


It never fails to amuse me that ‘angry residents’ (for some reason, they are always angry) seem to prefer an expensive supermarket like Waitrose to the more economical establishments such as Lidl or Aldi.

Often it is a tipping point when new housing developments are being proposed.

Of course we are told that the produce is better at Waitrose and where else can you get paw-paws, mangoes and other exotic fruits?

But all is not well among the upwardly mobile middle classes as reported in that bastion of the left-leaning press The Guardian.

In one of its agony aunt columns, CS of Eastbourne whinges about being ‘humiliated’ on being asked for a re-scan at Waitrose. Quelle horreur as they say in Sussex.

And to add insult to injury, the bag was repacked the wrong way. CS is indeed a fastidious creature.

CS spends a ‘fortune’ in Waitrose (of course he or she does – that’s why it’s Waitrose silly). But isn’t CS lucky as the next day The Guardian reported that more than half of the children in Tower Hamlets are living in poverty.

Now that’s humiliating.

So why do people volunteer to pay more for their weekly shop (like £4.99 for a punnet of cherries) and potentially suffer the ignominy and humiliation of a rescan. Think of turkeys and Christmas.

Obviously a Waitrose ‘bag for life’ easily upstages one from the German retailers.

If you want to keep up your image of being socially upwardly mobile, there is a simple solution: get some Waitrose bags (they’re free) and do your shopping in Lidl or Aldi.

No one will ever know.

See you in the car park on Saturday morning.

Have a good weekend


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