60 Seconds: A doggerel



60 Seconds: A doggerel

Good morning,

Well, what an exciting week it was; it could have been called “National Housing Week”.

And, all the chestnuts were trotted out: changes to the NPPF (in due course – September is promised but the New Year looks more likely to me); a crack-down on councils without a five-year supply (seemingly there are 15 in Javid’s crosshairs, but the trigger has not been pulled yet) and the Garden villages between Oxford and Cambridge (in my great grandchildren’s dreams).

It would make you laugh if you didn’t want to cry. So, in that spirit, I have put together this doggerel to cheer you up.

0aab6de2-5cbc-4fd0-bb82-364049d33b69Mrs May was surrounded by bricks.
As the housing crisis she tried to fix
To turn all the NIMBYs
Into strident young YIMBYs
And end those delaying tactics.

What we need is more homes, dear Sajid
There’s too many youngsters in need
Says he: ‘I’m not deaf
‘I’ll change the NPPF.’
But not an inch of Green Belt I’ll concede.

The developers are all naturally greedy
And spurn the wishes of the needy
Profit’s their game;
Hoarding’s their aim.
And the Daily Mail thinks it’s all seedy.

Now according to the bold Sajid,
“Villages are just what we need”
Will they come to fruition?
On just one condition
You’re alive in 3003.

But, wasn’t there a fellow called Clegg,
Our attention he sought to beg
With garden villages galore,
In Oxford, Cambridge and more
But perhaps he was pulling our leg.

Our Prime Minister keeps on bleating,
“High housing targets we should be meeting”
And although it is damning
“Let’s have urban cramming!”,
The green belt is not for “concreting”

So what I am trying to implore,
Is we’ve heard all this waffle before,
The ideas are recycled,
They’re taking the Michael,
Do we want to hear any more?

Have a happy weekend.

Tom (and Katie)

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