60 Second: The spirit of Scrooge lives on


The spirit of Scrooge lives on


I have a theory that if you want to build castles on Brighton beach, you would have the enforcement officers around in jig time. They would be called, without doubt, by local residents on the following grounds:

–    Landscape intrusion;
–    Views of France (one day a decade);
–    Man-made structures in a natural coastal area;
–    Health and safety (you can trip over them);
–    Inappropriate architecture which does not fit in with the vernacular;
–    Dangers to wildlife (sand worms);
–    Construction noise.


Of course I was only joking…or so I thought. Who could object to the happy sound of children having a bit of fun?

Not the good folk of Brighton but the burghers of Birmingham. They have had two objections from the locals about a Legoland in the city centre. The residents of the inaptly named Symphony Court are striking a discordant note.

The misery guts are the only objectors on the grounds of ‘noise nuisance from large groups of children on the site.’

Thankfully, officers and the locals are drowning this shriek and are recommending approval.  If this continues, soon we won’t be able to build schools.
To me, there is nothing more joyful than the sound of children playing…when they are not in my playground (another joke).

Now, pass my bucket and spade – I’m off to Brighton for the weekend.

Have a good one,


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