60 Second: P***** As a Newt




It is about this time of year that the Great Crested Newts come out of hibernation. Well, guys, its hasn’t been a great Spring so far.

You probably missed this on your newt-phones, but Article 50 has just been invoked. And Mrs May and Mr Davis are busily building a bonfire of EU red tape. Unfortunately, this will also include the European Directive to protect our favourite reptiles.

As you know, there is a shortage of GCNs across mainland Europe, but there are plenty of you in the UK. So developers, who have been hampered by your ponds, will now have free rein. And you won’t get the benefits of free relocation packages as you had until now when the EU was in charge.

90be5e35-d794-4acd-a292-5f31dd9b840fNo. Now you have to take your chances with the trusty builders of Britain (mostly mainland Europeans ironically).

It’s also bad news for NIMBYs who have been anecdotally known to translocate the poor GCNs to get protection for a site.

And if I were a developer, I could ironically see that land with GCNs would now attract a premium as it would be unrestrained.

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