60 Second: If I were Prime Minister…



If I were Prime Minister…


You may not agree with much of what Donald Trump says, but unlike most politicians he does get things done – even though I don’t agree with most of it.

So here are a few easy wins for our new Prime Minister (whoever that may be). None of them are earth-shattering but they would make a difference to ordinary citizens’ lives.

1. Let’s go back to the old summer time – so that we get a extra hour every evening. This will upset our Scottish friends in Aberdeen who will lose an hour in morning but we can’t all win.

0954637f-7903-46ab-9d68-429318c9d9772. Let’s get rid of all those bank holidays in April and May. It was the Labour Party who moved the winter bank holiday to May to celebrate Workers’ Day. We’re all workers now. Let’s have a nice Halloween instead and break the winter blues.

3. Make all commercial deliveries in cities and large towns be completed by 07.00. And while we’re at it, increase the congestion charge to £100 in London for all except public vehicles – taxis, busses but not private-hire like Uber. The current is minuscule.

4. Build another runway at Gatwick (it’s actually there already). Given the booming economy we are are promised post-Brexit, it will be needed.

5. Make private health insurance compulsory, like car insurance, for everyone earning (rough figure) £40,000. It would be tax-deductible but would bring resources to the NHS. Obviously those who are unemployed, old age pensioners or the incapacitated would still still receive the medical services free of charge.

These are only a number of simple measures which would improve our lives. But we get obsessed with the big picture (do you understand your pension scheme) yet it’s simple things that make big change to people’s lives.

Now, I’m not an economist but I reckon these simple measure would not only be tax-efficient but would save us poor taxpayers a lot of money.

Chances of them happening: in your dreams.

Welcome to the Brave New World.

Have a good weekend,


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