60 Second: Hung out to dry




When it comes to elections, the betting men among us need to have a rethink, cut out all the analysis, set aside our political bets and just put houses on the most unlikely of the outcomes.

The outcome of the General Election is perhaps the most bizarre yet. The Conservatives got the most seats, but seem to have lost. Mrs May’s days are now surely numbered.

The ruthless and power-hungry Conservative Party won’t make the mistake of allowing her to lead them into another election.

The Labour Party got less seats but claim to have won and Corbyn is now seen a saviour by many parts of his Party.

The same people that were plotting against him and resigning from his Shadow Cabinet just last year were giving him a standing ovation last week.

02d4cb5f-5ef9-4aab-8579-a18129d19ad1Actually, aren’t the real winners the DUP, but they only increased their seats from 8 to 10. Politics is a funny old world.

For us operating in the housing world it means yet another Housing and Planning Minister, after the previous one, Gavin Barwell lost his seat in the election. You needn’t worry though, Mrs May has just made him Chief of Staff.

The new Housing Minister is a chap called Alok Sharma MP. The resounding response from the rest of Curtin&Co office when his name was announced was “Who?”, but as someone with connections in Reading, our paths have crossed.

My concern is that we are told housing and planning is a priority for Government, yet here we are with our fourth minister in as many years. So much for strong and stable.

Let’s hope this one has some stickability. Let’s also hope we don’t have a General Election any time soon either, his Reading West seat now has a majority of just 2,876.

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