60 Second: From rags to riches


From rags to riches

Social media is a bit like an alluring, illicit lover (sorry if I shocked you). It is so easy to be convinced that if you have a webpage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, then your communications problems are over.

But who are the key people reading; those who influence your business and your life. Do Theresa and Phil sit down in Downing Street to update their Facebook and Instagram accounts with selfies?


And how about councillors – especially those that sit on planning committees?–What are they like? What are they reading?  What is their profile?

A bit like me, they are male, pale and stale. Two out of three are male; the same are over 60 and a whopping 96 percent are white.  And our representatives are getting older – the average age has jumped from 58 to 60, according to research by National Council for Educational Research.

So what are they reading: I’ll almost guarantee you it is the ‘local rag’. There is nothing that causes more consternation in a council chamber than even the mildest rebuke from the ‘penny paper’.

Sure, circulations are falling like a stone. But the survey also showed that only one in three have access to Facebook.

So before you get carried away with the allure of social media, spend 40p on the local rag as well.

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