60 Seconds: Housing by any other name



60 Seconds: Housing by any other name


“The devil has all the good tunes” is an old Irish saying. And it’s truer today than ever.

So let’s start with a little test:

(a) What was Donald Trump’s slogan for the presidential election?

What was Hilary Clinton’s?

(b) What was Guinness’s traditional advertising slogan?

What is it now?

(c) What is CPRE’s slogan on housing?

What is the slogan of the development industry?

If you got all six right, you should really get out a little more. Answers at the bottom of this post.

To sell anything you need a good slogan or catchphrase and at the moment the house building industry does not have one.

It wasn’t always that way. The First World War had a lot of outcomes and one was the sudden realisation of the health of the recruits. So. Lloyd George instituted a campaign of ‘Homes Fit for Heroes.’ Now that’s got a ring to it.

b521b6b8-15f9-4059-9fa8-855bbd2a5b4aThe aim was to build half-a-million homes within three years, but in the end only 200,000 were built. Is this beginning to sound a little familiar?

Poverty was again the main driver for the next boom in housebuilding with a 1930 Act to clear slums. Now, we can all sign up to ‘slum clearance’ and in the years between the wars, a million council houses were built.

After the Second World War came another boom with more Homes for Heroes and the 1960s boom in house building, an all-time peak.

Then came the New Towns, a slogan in itself. Even the most hardened NIMBY should be able to sign up to these as they are the ultimate BANANA: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone.

So we need a catch-phrase for today. And this isn’t easy: ‘Pads for Young Professionals’ doesn’t have a great ring to it nor does ‘Flats for Attic Floppers’ nor ‘Joints for Juniors’ (Sorry I’m running out of ideas.)

But if we are to sell the idea of housing we need what is known as a descriptor.

Have a good weekend.



(A) Make America Great Again
Can’t remember

(B) Guinness is good for you.
Made of more (what tosh)

(C) Concreting over the Countryside

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